Subject Problem creating a new database
Author matt_kopf
I have firebird 1.5 rc8 installed on a Linux server SUSE 9. The
database is up and running (GREAT). My problem is when I connect to
it and then try to create a new database I get the access denied
message. so here is what I have done to try to fix it.

I have created a new user group called 'datasrv'. I gave control to
the directory that I am trying to create the database in to that
group '/srv/data/' and to '/srv/'. So the group members were the
firebird user and my user account. The group could read write and
execute in those directories. That did not work so I added for
testing purposes every user in the system except 'nobody' to the
group but it still does not work.

What am I missing?

Matt Kopf