Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Creating database through a script and later updating it
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Hi Alexander

Sorry for replying late, but it seems I missed a few mails.

Thanks for responding.

At 11:17 pm 28/01/2004, you wrote:

> Make backup and send it to this person together with BAT file
>containing proper gbak call to restore. If you don't want to send
>data, make metadata-only backup.

gbak created a non-text file and I am not able to open it in Database
Comparer 2.2, this was the command I used:

GBAK -b -m -pas masterkey -user sysdba -v -z d:\shared\c99\data\vso3.fdb

can I generate a script file so I can also automate it's creation on the
development machine. I gave this a try using Marathon (Tools | Metadata
Extract ... | Migrate Database Metadata to a script file) which created
such a script but I am more interested in command line for such a situation

>Or you are interested how to build
>this script if you don't remember what changes you did?


>If so, always
>have structure of client's database at hand and look at

Yes thanks. Actually I wanted to do it the other way round. I have the
latest structure and application on the development machine.

Now this junior takes this complete database details (CDBD) (without data)
script to the clients machine, does a command line / batch file on the
clients machine and the specified clients database is now updated in
reference to the CDBD script. Again, is there a command line alternative
to dbcomparer?

Bhavbhuti Nathwani
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