Subject ISQL - Firebird - Suse8.2
Author Thomas Rueger
Hello, i have a little problem with connection to firebird under linux.

I have:

Linux - Suse 8.2 and Firebird RC 7 installed with rpm.

I found following:

-- opt/firebird a usual installation and a new password for Sysdba

-- i found to, that a service(?) called gds_db with
Stream, TCP, root,
nowait, /opt/firebird/bin/fb_inet_server
starts over inetd.

But every time i wan't to connect with isql i get the same error:

[ISQL] Error : Could not SQLConnect.

i tried a lot of things, f.e.:

root - change to /opt/firebird/bin and start

isql with:

isql localhost SYSDBA NewPassword,
isql IP SYSDBA masterkey
isql ServerName SYSDBA NewPassword

And always the same error comes.

Sorry for bad english and sorry for the word's because i'm a beginner in

Thanks a lot


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