Subject RE: [firebird-support] Creating database through a script and later updating it
Author Alan McDonald
> Please Note: I am sending this again as I did not see it in my mail
> Hi all
> For eg. I have created a FireBird database on the development
> machine. Now
> I want to deploy it for the first time to a client machine. How is it
> possible to recreate the database by a junior support tech person on the
> clients machine.

Write a batch file which call gbak on your ditributed backup of the
database. I assume the machine has already got FB installed.

> For eg. 2 Now I have modified the data structures on the development
> machine. Now I want to change the structures on the clients
> machine. Please note there are no formal changes track record, so I just
> have to have the current data structures and apply a script at
> the clients
> site onto the existing FireBird database and it should come upto speed
> without loosing the data.

Send a script to do the modifications and ask the junior tech to run the
script in ISQL (distribute this as well - or even send them a bat file which
calls ISQL from the command line.

PS = use IBExpert (free) for DB management - it can remember your db changes
or you can run a db comparer which will compare your copy of the site db to
the dev copy and create a script for you to match the dbs