Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: in-memory firebird
Author Milan Babuskov
George P Boutwell wrote:
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>>I made that for small CDROM application. It boots Linux from CD, and
>>starts Firebird and small application I made. Since entire Linux
>>system I needed fits into 20 MB, it still left a lot of memory to run.
> This is very interesting. Do you have any article or information on
> how you accomplished this, or some pointers to the resources you used
> when you did this? They would be exteremly helpful to others.


I'm using Movix a lot, so I got the idea to make something similar for
Firebird database app. Take a look at:

I basically do the same thing, just instead of loading the MPlayer, I
load Firebird db and my application. Of course, I threw out all
usb/firewire/sound/etc. drivers out of it and built the minimal kernel

So, basically you need:
ISOLINUX from syslinux website:
Linux kernel from
Working Firebird instalation

I someone goes deeper into this and gets stuck somewhere I'd be glad to

Milan Babuskov