Subject Re: [firebird-support] Client drops a connection, server waits to long
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:12 PM 28/01/2004 +0100, you wrote:
>I have following problem...
>My Firebird is running under SUSE Linux v9.0.
> But when clients drop the connection, server wait to much long to close
>the connection. I try to modify firebird.conf (configuration file),
>decrease timeout on 15 secs and dummy packet interval on 15 sec, but
>server works on the same way. THX

Neither of these settings has any effect on how long it takes a connection
to close if the user disconnects normally from the application. The usual
cause of a long delay on disconnect is some SELECT * query that has to
finish fetching all the records from the server in order to commit the

ConnectionTimeout applies to connecting, not disconnecting.
DummyPacketInterval is a more-or-less deprecated setting that overrides the
operating system period of time during which no response from a client
means "the client has crashed so clean up its connection and close it
off." Read the latest firebird.conf comments - it clearly states "Don't
use it!! Let the NOS do its stuff.