Subject two-way replication
Author turbomenda
--- In, "Dimitry Sibiryakov"
> Primary keys must be constant (Updating PK value will confuse
> version of replicator).
> Cascade delete will cause a lot of warnings on replication.

Some 3 years ago I wrote a IB replication system of my own that
doesn't have the IBPReplicator limits you mention. It's am using it
succesfuly ever since in quite a busy enviroment with 5 1GB replicas
and hudreds of thousands of operations per day.

I call it two-way replication, because it allows updates to any
record in any replica, unlike most replication systems available back
in the days I wrote it - that required logicaly dividing the DB into
exclusive pools of PKeys.

It works realtime (can work offline too)

If there's people in the Firebird society interested in developing it
into something everybody could use, please contact me on priv.

Job offers welcome, too :-)