Subject Re: [firebird-support] which one faster (overall) , MSSQL or Firebird ?
Author Daniel Rail

At January 25, 2004, 03:34, David Johnson wrote:

> MS-SQL's query optimizer works better for more complex queries.
> Interbase/Firebird offers you the option of overriding its internal
> optimizer's choices when you know more about the data than the
> system does.

I found FB 1.5 a lot faster than FB 1.0 when it comes to complex
queries. In my application I had a complex A/R report that took over
10 minutes to run on FB 1.0 (with over 50,000 invoices), and it took
just under 1 minute on FB 1.5.

> MS-SQL has been successfully used to support databases as large
> as 64 terabytes. I believe that 7GB is the effective limit of a
> Firebird database.

I have a customer with a database of 11GB and growing. And, he's not
reporting any degradation in performance.

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