Subject Re: [firebird-support] Empty tables after restore?
Author Bradley Tate

Yes, we're trying this. Fingers crossed. While a good database is
essential and the first order of business it would be nice to have some
idea of what happened. This database is central to the business of
administering other peoples money and when wierd shite happens it
concerns me greatly - especially when no errors appear when using gfix
or gbak.

Perhaps we should be running Oracle / Posgresql / etc? I really like
Firebird when it's working, but when it isn't working properly I find it
very unhelpful. Log messages are next to useless, error messages
likewise. And when my management ask me what happened and will it happen
again I have no good answer.


Alan McDonald wrote:

> > Helen,
> >
> > Thanks, but that's not it. I've done the restore on several different
> > boxes, with stupid names so and they can't possibly be being accessed
> > and all give the same problem. I can watch (-v) the restore and
> > thousands of records are going in to tables. They just won't come out
> > again. gfix -v -full on the original gdb comes back with no
> complaints -
> > no comments at all, actually. Not being able to get a working backup is
> > scary. Anything I haven't tried that springs to mind?
> >
> >
> >
> Before you go too far, I would recommend a recreations and a datapump.
> Alan