Subject RE: [firebird-support] Temp file Location
Author Martin Dew
From the firebird.conf file ;

# ----------------------------
# Temporary directories
# Provide ';'-separated trees list, where temporary files are stored.
# Relative paths are treated relative to RootDirectory entry
# (see above). Default value is determined using FIREBIRD_TMP,
# TEMP or TMP environment options. Every directory item may have
# size argument to limit its storage, this argument follows the
# name and must be separated by at least one space character. If the
# argument is omitted or invalid, then all available space in this
# directory will be used.
# E.g.:
# TempDirectories = c:\temp
# or
# TempDirectories = c:\temp;d:\temp
# or
# TempDirectories = c:\temp 100000000;d:\temp 500000000;e:\temp
# Type: string (special format)
#TempDirectories =


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From: David Russell [mailto:DavidR@...]
Sent: 23 January 2004 11:35
Subject: [firebird-support] Temp file Location

Hi all,

I need to know, under Windows, how to make Firebird point to a different
directory when needing to write to a temporary file. Too often I get
(when client's servers are poorly partitioned) an error message like:

I/O Error for file "C:\WINNT\TEMP\ib_sort_a12345"
Error while trying to write to the file
The device does not recognize the command

I am pretty sure that this occurs when the C drive is full (database
being installed to D: drive.

Thanks in advance

David R

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