Subject Re: [firebird-support] Pls answer..Is FB embed threadsafe since atachaments are locally?
Author Daniel Rail

At January 23, 2004, 03:58, Nando Dessena wrote:

> Thomas,

T>> You can have several connections to one database with one
T>> and the same embedded server, but you can't connect via
T>> another embedded server instance to a database which is
T>> already "in use" by another embedded server. ;-)

> thanks for the english-to-english translation. :-)))

> I am already doing just that. The question of the OP and Martijn's
> reply, though, have made me wonder whether that was officially
> supported or incidental. The readme does give clues but no clear and
> official statement. That may be enough for me but not necessarily for
> newcomers.

From the same application(as long you don't explicitly load more than
one instance of the DLL), there's no problem, since embedded is
practically, if I'm not mistaken, Superserver in a DLL. But, only for
single application/user usage. And, I don't think it would work for
multiple instances(not threads but separate processes) of the same

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