Subject RE: [firebird-support] ISQL
Author Donald Klopper
It will take you longer to "get the hang of database" if you insist on using
ISQL and not a higher level tool.
I use IBConsole without any (serious) problems, and it is free, but I will
have to start using an even more powerful / compatible tool soon.

Database design / development / optimisation is a complex subject, and
actually you will need a set of tools (Case tool / Data Modeller / SQL Tool
/ Reporting Tools / Performance Tuning) if you want to make full use of
something like FireBird. The same is true for Oracle / M$ SQL Server /
Informix etc...

Donald Klopper

> From: Uwe Oeder [mailto:uweo@...]
> IBExpert may be nice and all but I would preferr to use the tools
> that come
> with firebird until I get the hang of database.
> >
> >Why don't you use IBExpert free edition and get some decent
> error messages
> >Alan