Subject Re: [firebird-support] Pls answer..Is FB embed threadsafe since atachaments are locally?
Author Nando Dessena

>> M> Embedded Firebird only accepts a single connection.
>> where did you get that piece of information from? Embedded Firebird
>> actually accepts as many attachments as you wish, provided they come
>> from the same embedding process.

M> Can't remember where - if I'm wrong, that I stand corrected :-)

It would be good to finally know for sure! :-) The readme doesn't address
this issue in the limitations section, which may mean there aren't
limitations of this kind. It comes close in two places:

The embedded server is a fully functional server linked
as a dynamic library (fbembed.dll). It has exactly the
same features as the usual server and exports the
standard Firebird API entrypoints.


But you should be aware that you cannot access single
database from a number of the embedded servers
simultaneously, because they have SuperServer architecture
and hence exclusively lock attached databases.

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