Subject Re: [firebird-support]BLR Versions?
Author Paul Hope
Hi Ann

Thanks for the reply

> At 06:34 AM 1/22/2004, Paul Hope wrote:
> >Something crazy has happended to my server after I confused it with
> >versions of Interbase/Firebird.
> >
> >When running IB5.6 and trying to recompile a procedure I get
> >
> >'unsupported BLR version (expected 4, encountered 5)'
> Interbase V6.0 introduced BLR V5. Since Firebird derives from
> IB6, all Firebird versions are BLR5. To return to BLR4, you'll
> have to delete and redefine the procedures.
> Regards,
> Ann
> But why? IB5.6 has a couple of really first class bugs...

I know and I want out!!!!!!!!

I've joined the Foundation and subscribe to the CD to convince myself of my
committment :-)

I have several mature customer databases and I am trying to find time to
migrate them. I learned only the other day while talking to Paul Beach that
there is a very high level of confidence that I should be able to simply
migrate and find complete compatibility. I also learned that I must first
migrate IB5.6 -> FB1.03 then FB1.03 -> FB1.5.
I am also assuming that the remaining bits of BDE in my apps will still work
(most of it is now IBO).

So I tried to put IB5.6, FB1.03 and FB1.5 on my server - hence I think the
screw up with BLRs.

If I can coexist IB5.6 on port 3050 and FB1.5 on port 3060 on my Win2000
server and install FB1.03 on my NT4 server. Then that will be step1.

Then I need some tools to work with. I currently use IB Server Manager
which is great and I use it heavily to maintain customer sites. My main
development tool is EMS which is great for database development but doesn't
have any service facilities(backup/restore etc) (that I can get to work
anyway). So I just need a simple tool to do what IB Manager does - any

Then I need to organise by client library so that I can test FB databases
here but connect to remote customer databases (that will still be IB5.6
untill the project is complete) for support work.

Once I get running on Dialect1, I then want to rewrite lots of stuff to get
to Dialect3 where I can get even greater benefits.

I'm finding it all a bit daunting so any helpful suggestions would be