Subject RE: [firebird-support] Slow query in Firebird/Interbase
Author Alan McDonald
> If I have a table in firebird, and a table in microsoft SQL server
> 2000. Identical table setup( I actually used DTS to import the table
> into SQL server).
> In MS SQL server I can run a query and return all rows in 6 seconds.
> Using firebird(I have tried 1.03 and 1.5, as well as interbase 7.1)
> it takes 23 seconds.
> I have typed the query and
> This query computes a running total for all records.
> If I run the index tuning wizard in MS SQL server, it puts a clusted
> index on Company_id. Then the query returns all rows in 4 seconds.
> I have an index on the same field in Firebird.
> I have ran the query from within my Delphi app, and in ibconsole,
> ibexpert, and even from Easysoft ODBC. Same results.
> What am I missing?????
> Thanks,

I think you will have to show us the table metadata from FB database anyway,
including indexes so created.
This could only be an index problem I suspect. MSSQL has a habit of indexing
tings by default whereas FB requires some manual index creation.