Subject Re: [firebird-support] Win2003 Server - gbak ERROR with restore!
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:46 AM 22/01/2004 +0100, you wrote:
>Leyne, Sean schrieb:
> > Are you running Classic or SuperServer?
> >
> > Please prove the full command line for GBAK.
> >
> >
>I installed Firebird 1.5 rc8 on a new IBM server
>with win2003 Server (dual proc, and so on)
>Install: no error, all goes okay
>then i tried to backup/restore a database:
>- backup was okay
>- but i cannot restore any adatabase !!!!!
>gbak -r -user xyzuser -passw xyzxyz -v e:\cldb\clientel_db.bck
>E:\cldb>gbak -r -user ccuser -passw a23b24 -v e:\cldb\clientel_db.bck

No, you cannot restore a backup using the -r switch unless you are sysdba
or owner. Is ccuser the owner?

Need I mention that is very foolish to use the -r switch, anyway?

Let's say that your sysdba password is icuryy4me and you are at the console
of the server, where the backup file is also located, and the file
clientel_neu.gdb does not exist:

E:\cldb>gbak -c e:\cldb\clientel_db.bck e:\cldb\clientel_neu_db.gdb
-v -user sysdba -passw icuryy4me

>with IBExpert-restore:
>IBE: Starting restore. Current time: 01:46:58
>IBE: Unsuccessful execution caused by an unavailable resource.
>Cannot attach to services manager.

This tells me you are trying to do this restore from a remote station
and/or you are not supplying the owner or sysba credentials.

>how can i force gbak to use not "local" ???? or what is really the problem?

Q:\FirebirdTools\bin>gbak -c myserver:e:\cldb\clientel_db.bck
myserver:e:\cldb\clientel_neu_db.gdb -se myserver:service_mgr -v -user
sysdba -passw icuryy4me