Subject RE: [firebird-support] odbcjdbc v1.1 b2 bug
Author Jarrod Hollingworth
vmdd_tech wrote:
> Using odbcjdbc v1.1 b2,

Do you mean OdbjJdbc v1.2 (beta)? That's the latest version at:

I have started using this recently after switching from the free XTG ODBC
driver and found the following problem:

Often the query "select gen_id(my_gen,1) from rdb$database" fails and an
exception is thrown with the message "Unspecified error". The best that I
could determine is that the exception was thrown in the provider.
Occasionally this query works but mostly it doesn't. Regular queries such as
"select my_column from my_table" work fine, and my workaround is to use a
stored procedure "select nextid from myprocedure" which is a pain. After
trial and error the problem seems to be with the table name "rdb$database".

This problem does not occur (select .. from rdb$database works fine) when
using the freely available XTG ODBC driver for Firebird.


Jarrod Hollingworth
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