Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: System requirements
Author Holger Dors
> Yep, all those will still work.

Thanks for the quick reply.

> As for subsequent Windows versions, all it takes is for someone to decide
> to do it - you, for example, if your platform isn't described and you
> think it should be included.

I'm more concerned about processor power and memory usage, as both tend to
increase with newer software, especiall over a term of 4 years. As it
seems that's not the case with FB1.5, I applaude the developers for not
following that trend! :-)

> As for the release notes - you don't read carefully enough.

I stand corrected. I indeed found now under the "documentation" section
the notice stating that the IB6 documentation is still valid. But I still
would like to see a "System requirements" section in the FB 1.5 release
notes, though, for the above stated reason that those have a trend to
incease with newer software releases.

Thanks again,