Subject Re: declared cursor already exists
Author tdtappe
> >Does anybody know what can cause this error?
> >For instance, which API calls? What kind of wrong API usage?
> isc_dsql_set_cursor_name(). IBX use it with
> component_name+random_number. Unfortunatelly, random number may be
> not as random as they expect.
> Try to put Randomize to the start of your program.

Ah, that explains a lot. Thanks for this info.
I would have never expected that IBX creates named cursors.
Do you know why they do it?

I think iIn my case I can go a different way than calling Randomize.
Because I have wrapper components for db access I can easily
give the IBX components I use in my wrapper components unique names.
For instance GUID. Or GUID at app start + global counter.
That should solve the problem.

Thanks a lot,