Subject RE: [firebird-support] port 3050
Author Donald Klopper
What about named pipes (NetBEUI) / IPX? (I don't know whether FB supports
this, NetBeui still seems to work)

I'm working from memory here so please don't kill me if I'm completely
One of my customers is using this (NetBEUI) since their TCP/IP was messed up
from Win2000 Server (SBE) .. don't ask.

The syntax for named pipes in Interbase used to be
\\machine_name\c:\path\database.gdb for named pipes, I think,

Note this is not the same as UNC which is
\\machine_name\sharename\path\database.gdb (This syntax should never be

Then the firewall is a non-issue since only TCP/IP packets are filtered, net
NetBEUI one's.

Note that the server will then have to be on the LAN (NetBEUI is not a
routable protocol to my knowledge), and NetBEUI must run on the server and

You can also do a so-called "direct" connection, using the local path, which
(I may be mistaken) does not rely on TCP/IP, but uses a direct connection.

Donald Klopper

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> gustavo_semaan wrote:
> > But with your solution i have use tcp port. I cant use tcp port. I
> > need a direct client / server access.
> > Firewalls can destroy comunication if i use tcp port comunnication.
> If there is a firewall, then port 3050 must be allowed to go
> through it. If there is no 'hole' there is no way to access
> the database at all!
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