Subject Re: [firebird-support] FireBird Error - Invalid Data Conversion
Author Daniel Rail

At January 20, 2004, 10:24, Svilen Stefanov wrote:

> I am writting a program in Delphi using dbExpress(interbase
> driver). I know that FireBird 1.5 is not supported by interbase
> driver that comes with Delphi, but it works perfectly till now. I am
> starting a stored procedure with simple "insert" statement
> and some input params I recieve error "Invalid data conversion".
> After this I tried to open my table with IB Expert Personal Edition
> and I recieved the same error - "Invalid data conversion". I guess
> this is a FireBird error. Can you help me with more
> information about this error. I can not find anything.

And, if I understand correctly, the error occurs after the stored
procedure executed. Can you tell which field and/or record is causing
the problem? What does you table's metadata looks like? Can you show
us your stored procedure?

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