Subject Re: Next TX #, OAT and Connection Duration?
Author c_pradelli
> > The secret is to surelly close any active transaction after use
> > Don't keep any query opened in a non read-only transaction.
> What do you mean precisely? Do you CLOSE your connection to the
> database after each DB operation has completed? Or, do you COMMIT
> each transaction after the work of each is finished?
> Our system relies on the BDE to "Auto-commit" each DB operation
> it has completed, so we do not have any explicit Commit calls,
> however, we also don't have any open transactions between DB
> operations.

I never use BDE so I can't help you with it. The point is to commit
each transaction ASAP (not commit-retaining), another thing is that
if you keep opened a query in a non-readonly transaction, this is a
problem too, try to use MIDAS or another similar tool.