Subject Re: [firebird-support] changing owner
Author Daniel Rail

At January 18, 2004, 06:20, Rohit Gupta wrote:

> We have found that the following steps are necessary.

> 1. ensure owner exists as user
> 2. change owner in the system tables for procedures.
> 3. backup
> 4. delete the gdb file
> 5. restore

> If that doesnt work then the remaining problem is grants on the tables
> and views. We have a script that sorts those out.

You can skip step 4 and restore with the recreate option.

But, I would strongly suggest to skip step 4, restore to another
location(or filename), and if the restore went well, replace the
original with the newly restored database file. At least this way, you
are sure that if the restore didn't want to finish because of an
error, that you didn't loose the database.

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