Subject Re: [firebird-support] Currency
Author David Garamond
Ann W. Harrison wrote:
> I don't think so. Most business's hope to exceed $1M eventually.
>>And is numeric(x,2) correct for dollars?
> Fine.

I've read that US banks are required by the government to keep balances
up to 5 decimal digits, is that correct?

Also, if we display balances with 2 (or 3/4/5) decimal digits, does it
mandate that we store them too as 2 (or 3/4/5)? I used to write an
application that stores money as numeric(10,3) but displays them with 2
decimals. There are problems with rounding off (e.g. the total balance
is sometimes displayed 1 or 2 cents more due to several 0.001 (mils?
decicents?) creeping up into extra cents).