Subject Re: [firebird-support] Currency
Author Bob Murdoch
At 1/17/2004 12:44 PM, Ann Harrison wrote:
>At 08:33 AM 1/17/2004, Uwe Oeder wrote:
> >Is double precision the best field type for money values ?
>No. Use numeric (18,x) where x in the numbers of digits after
>the decimal marker. When I started worrying about precision,
>18 digits would represent the US national debt in milli-lira.
>Since then the debt has grown and the lira has gone away, but
>the fact remains that 18 digits is quite a lot.

So the question is, given an application using US dollars, is there any
value to using numeric(9,2) instead of numeric(18,2)?

And is numeric(x,2) correct for dollars?

Oh, and one last question - if there is no value to (9,2), is there any
harm in changing that to (18,2) in existing applications?

Bob M..