Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird/Internet performance questions
Author David Johnson
This looks interesting. I had difficulty installing it so I'll try again tomorrow.

The error I received is a know recurring bug in Firebird 1.5 - the data elements in the buffer are not always in the sequence that the query requested them. Database access mechanisms that turn off metadata for performance reasons depend on the returned columns being in the same sequence as they were requested in the data buffer. Since eliminating allegedly redundant metadata is an obvious optimization, many pre-canned solutions (DBExpress) will automatically turn this off.

This has been addressed and (allegedly) fixed several times on the version 1.5 release candidates.

Mechanisms that retrieve metadata with every result set do not have this issue, but they are potentially larger consumers of bandwidth and other computing resources.

The query path optimization issues I referred to earlier are likwise previously known issues with associated "to do" tasks.

It sounds like my best bet is to continue exploratory coding for Java/JDBC and native interface to the fbclient.dll while I wait for the next release of firebird.

Thanks all for your help.

I _will_ post my performance analysis chart when I am done so everyone can receive some of the fruits of the work that they donated so considerately.

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From: Aage Johansen
Sent: Friday, January 16, 2004 1:47 PM
Subject: Re: [firebird-support] Firebird/Internet performance questions

On Fri, 16 Jan 2004 13:29:40 +0000 (UTC), David Johnson wrote:

> Borland's Interbase connector - original DLL shipped with Delphi 6 with
> no service patches or upgrades.
> ...

This is intended for IB. I believe its support for Fb is like IBX's ...

You could take a look the driver from (InterXpress
for Firebird).
("InterXpress for Firebird" is ... driver that supports Borlands dbExpress
technology as available in Delphi, C++Builder and Kylix.)

Aage J.

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