Subject Re: Next TX #, OAT and Connection Duration?
Author colincoleman2002
Dear Hugh,

We too have exactly the same scenario with almost all of our
customers as well. The OAT and Next transaction zoom off like
nobody's business, due to the fact that the customer needs the
database running 24/7.

We thought the same about clearing the database connections, and
have now implemeneted a flag file on the server that tells the
clients application to terminate (usually when the user wants to
start another action) ,Great until the user goes off on holiday and
leaves the pc on with the fantastic Kylie Screen saver (not saving
anything) running.

We would love to hear how this should be delt with "officially"
using Firebird 1.3.972 as the performance and memory eating is
somewhat spectacular to watch on a main company server.


Colin Coleman