Subject Re: [firebird-support] Error while querying database
Author Mahesh Ishwar
Thanx for ur prompt response.
In both the firebird.conf files(one of RC3 and RC8), the parameter has a zero value.

I'm posting the code of the SP

set term !! ;
create or alter procedure proc_n_day_moving_average (
p_start_date date,
p_end_date date,
p_no_of_days numeric(18),
p_sp_id varchar(255))
p_NoOfOrders numeric(18),
p_FailedOrders numeric(18),
p_MovingAverage numeric(18,2),
p_OnDate date
Tables Referenced: 1. hrod_rpca
if (p_start_date <> '01/01/0001') and (p_end_date <> '01/01/0001') then
for select hrod_received, hrod_failed, hrod_average, hrod_date
from hrod_rpca
where hrod_date >= :p_start_date
and hrod_date <= :p_end_date
and upper(ltrim(rtrim(hrod_sp_id))) = upper(ltrim(rtrim(:p_sp_id)))
order by hrod_date desc
into p_NoOfOrders, p_FailedOrders, p_MovingAverage, p_OnDate
end !!
set term ; !!

And here is the table structure
create table hrod_rpca (
hrod_date date default 'now' not null,
hrod_tpt numeric (18,2),
hrod_average numeric (18,2),
hrod_received numeric (18),
hrod_processing numeric (18),
hrod_completed numeric (18),
hrod_failed numeric (18),
hrod_min numeric (18,2),
hrod_max numeric (18,2),
hrod_sp_id varchar(190) not null,
constraint pk_hrod_rpca primary key (hrod_date,hrod_sp_id)
After a machine restart, fbserver hasn't given me this error a'ain. But the .NET Provider consistently gives me this error.
Can u please explain me what this error would be?


Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:
At 11:36 AM 16/01/2004 +0000, you wrote:
>Hello All,
> I've recently upgraded to Firebird 1.5 RC8. And while every other
> thing from my previous database is working fine, one of my stored
> procedures while querying (thru isql as well as thru .NET provider 1.5
> RC2) is givin' error "Incorrect values within SQLDA structure". I don't
> know what this error stands for.
>Prior to this, I was using 1.5 RC3, and the same stored procedure was
>working fine. I haven't changed the code at all.
>Does anyone has any idea what this error stands for?

Have a look at the value of OldParameterOrdering in your firebird.conf
file. If it is anything except
#OldParameterOrdering = 0
then you've probably found the cause.

If this isn't it, then show us the source of the SP.


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