Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird/Internet performance questions
Author Milan Babuskov
Donald Klopper wrote:
> All programmers are prone to lazyness and presumption.
> Any developer runs the risk of creating buggy code. Assumptions that lead to
> thinking that an integer value is sufficient to report on available disk
> space (hey 2 gig should be fine!). We've all burnt our fingers there!.
> Or using a 6 char structure to store a date.
> Or creating a static array with allocation for 1000 items (cause no-one will
> ever need more than 200 or so!)
> Or assuming that a list of items is zero based, whilst it's "-1" based (or
> one based)
> Oh I forget. C++ does not allow these bugs; The precompiler knows that you
> know what you're doing right?

Hm. I didn't see any of these in IBPP (at least not in 2.x versions)
I use IBPP a lot, and it works great. Or perhaps I missed your point?

You can still write crap software in Delphi. Language is not important,
but the skill of a programmer.

Milan Babuskov