Subject RE: [firebird-support] Disable trigers
Author Donald Klopper
Much better in your trigger code make use of a data field value in the table
(flagging a field) to instruct the trigger not to execute a portion of code

I assume under certain conditions you want the trigger to fire and under
others not.

I created specific interbase/firebird users eg. "Import" and "Replicate" for
which the trigger code check, since I don't want the trigger to create a new
"PK" upon insert, I want the replicated PK value retained, except if it's a
true new record created by a non-import process (thus a real live user!)

Then in the trigger code, you simply evaluate which user is active in the
context of the trigger execution and act accordingly, thus the trigger has
some "intelligence"
(that means of course the users will need certain privileges; there is a
number of ways in which this can be accomplished.

Donald Klopper

> Hello everybody.
> Im working with 1.5rc8, and do his job very fine... BUT.
> I need to dissable a trigger fired on insertion during a stored
> procedure, but not lucky doing it.
> I try to use "alter inactive" ... but not alowed in procedure.
> I try to changing the status in the system table, but may be I'm a
> little comfused, but even I do, still fired the trigger.
> someone can put me here a little exaple "how to do..." a disable
> triger?
> Tks in advance.
> Alejandro