Subject RE: [firebird-support] Disable trigers
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> Hello everybody.
> Im working with 1.5rc8, and do his job very fine... BUT.
> I need to dissable a trigger fired on insertion during a stored
> procedure, but not lucky doing it.
> I try to use "alter inactive" ... but not alowed in procedure.

That depends, especially with Firebird 1.5

You can't execute ALTER TRIGGER ... inside a PSQL code module,
but for example you *could* use the EXECUTE STATEMENT ...

*Could* means, that you might be able to do that, but it doesn't
mean that I would recommend doing that. ;-)

> I try to changing the status in the system table, but may be I'm a
> little comfused, but even I do, still fired the trigger.
> someone can put me here a little exaple "how to do..." a disable
> triger?

Why do you want to disable a trigger?

Mind you, disabling a trigger means that the trigger gets disabled
for *all* connected users!

Thomas Steinmaurer

Logging/Auditing Suite for InterBase and Firebird