Subject Re: [firebird-support] compiled/embedded SQL & performance
Author Kubanych
Bernard Devlin пишет:

>I really don't understand what is meant by compiled or embedded SQL
>(even though there is a whole book in the Interbase documentation set
>devoted to this). I can understand the difference between a compiled
>or interpreted language, but I can't see how the performance of any
>SQL query could be quicker than that issued through e.g. Firebird's
>ISQL application. After all, surely this is as close as one can get
>vis a vis interrogating the database?
>Am I to take it that compiled/embedded SQL is considered the fastest
>because there are no intervening layers between the compiled
>application and the database e.g. no driver layer? And that any
>program that makes use of a database driver is not embedded access?
embedded SQL is a program prepared with gpre preprocessor. Using gpre
one can put sql statements to program on some language, for example in c
int _export FIO_COUNT_viewer_nodal_displ(
int * count
int the_count=0;

INTO :the_count
FROM viewer_nodal_displ
WHERE viewer_nodal_displ>0;


return SQLCODE;
gpre converts this to c code replacing SQL statements with IB\FB API
function calls.

You may sent me private emails: if you need do something with embedded
sql, I can help (Inshallah).