Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: changing owner
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> --- In, "Dimitry Sibiryakov"
> <SD@t...> wrote:
> > On 14 Jan 2004 at 7:50, hrethantos wrote:
> >
> > >Is it possible to change the owner of a database without
> recreating
> > >it and pumping all the data to the new db?
> >
> > Yes, just backup it and restore as a new owner. But note
> yourself
> > that changing owner of database won't change owners of database
> > objects.
> So, there is no command that can change the owner (without
> recreating/restoring the database)?


If you want to try a Windows based tool called FBOwnerMigrator,
then contact me privately.

FBOwnerMigrator should help you to change the owner of the
database and all database objects without recreating the
database and pumping data. Backup/Restore cycles are necessary

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