Subject Re: [firebird-support] Dead "instance"
Author Fabian Chocron
> >I have a dead "instance" of firebird classic server, and I can not kill
> >it, even using Task manager over Win2k Server, it does not let me kill
> >Is there any way to kill it withouw shuting down the server? Also, is
> >there any way to know what Application is talking to the Dead Instance?
> If there is an application talking to it, why would it be a Dead Instance?

You are RIGTH!!!
I killed the apps, 1 by 1, and it was 1 app creating the problem, now I need
to leek into the Apps source to see what can be wrong. However, I had 4 apps
, and I had 5 Firebird Classic Server Sessions, so I guess there is always 1
session running without a client.


PS: If I find the problem, I can go back to Super Server, so installing
CLassic server was a good idea to find out the performance problem.