Subject Re: [firebird-support] FB commit/rollback processing
Author Daniel Rail

At January 13, 2004, 12:31, lnd@... wrote:

>> Martijn Tonies
>> If you're doing a ROLLBACK while nothing has changed,
>> Firebird will actually do a COMMIT instead.

> Actually I am after the following issue: commit/rollback processing
> strategy can be optimized for "commit expected" or, alternatively, for
> "rollback expected" situations.
> For "commit expected" strategy when DML occures all changes are written
> directly to the tables and indexes but not marked as commited: then commit
> processing has only to flag data as commited which is fast enough. Rollback
> is quite slow then but rollback is really quite rear, usually one designs
> transactions to commit.. Is this what Firebird does?

You might want to read these documents:;IBPHOENIX.KNOWLEDGEBASE;ID='128';IBPHOENIX.PAGES;NAME='ibp_oit'

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