Subject Re: [firebird-support] Size influencing speed
Author Daniel Rail

At January 12, 2004, 06:58, Alan McDonald wrote:

>> It depends..... I 've a db with a *lot* of table ( about 3200 ) and
>> firebird is slower compared with an other db with less table ( 200 tables)
>> Same query, same data.
>> Firebird 1.03
>> Windows 2000 Professional
>> Page buffers = 8192

> I would have to wonder whether, with 3200 tables, you are experiencing a
> connection/schema load pause, rather than a select from the small table
> slowness??

I think it might be related to the metadata on the server. The system
tables in FB 1.0.3 don't have indices. FB 1.5 now have indices and
the performance is faster when preparing a DML statement. With 3200
tables, the performance gain will be noticeable in FB 1.5 compared to
FB 1.0.3.

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