Subject RE: [firebird-support] FB sql compilation: buffered or not?
> Martijn Tonies :

>(B) will be much faster. Prepared statement aren't re-evaluated,
>but are "buffered". But only on the connection level, not across
>different connections.

Is it possible to:

- specify how large the "buffer" can be?

- get some statistics of its performance: how many staments are found and how
many compiled?

- to "pin" some statements permanently in the buffer: the issue is that
"lexical SQL" (kind of "select .. where name='john' ") is wasting space of
any buffer by forcing "good SQL" statements out of it. In that light is makes
sense to tell RDBMS that some statements have to be in the buffer
permanently, e.g. those executed 10x per second. Well, this is impossible
probably as the buffer is not shared between connections.

Thank you in advance, Laimis

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