Subject RE: [firebird-support] Sweep Interval
Author Alan McDonald
> Thanks for the info. If you do commit most of the time, then you open
> the table/transaction most of the time also? Do you commit on every
> record that was save? Let us say that the application was used by many
> client and viewing the most updated records are critical.
> Thanks.
> James

I open a dataset after starting a transaction. I edit records, post the
edits. The save button or menu item calls the commit which in my case (IBO)
ends the transaction and auto starts another one. I also set as a
preference, an auto save feature which runs on a timer. It commits (ends and
starts a new transaction) every so often. IBO is very nice the way it
remembers all buffer contents and record positions for me (unlike IBX and
others) so when the new transacion starts, the datasets are returned to
their buffered position. My users (and my tests) have never found this to be
a performance hindrance but it always keeps everyone's views up to the (say
5) minute age only.