Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: W2K & SP4
Author Doug Chamberlin
At 1/11/2004 09:48 AM (Sunday), hbkirkedam wrote:

>--- In, Doug Chamberlin
><yahoogroups@a...> wrote:
> > At 1/10/2004 09:32 AM (Saturday), HBK wrote:
> > >Have problem with client on a W2K & SP4 on som PC some run ok. I
> > >understand this is a Microsoft problem ?
> > >
> > >Is there a fix for this ?
> >
> > There probably is a workaround but what exactly is the problem you are
> > reporting?
>Windows terminate the aplication.

So you have an application which runs on some Windows machines but not on
others. The application accesses a Firebird or Interbase database and the
problem you see is that the application just terminates for no apparent
reason. Right so far?

What version of the database server are you running? Is it Interbase or

What version of the client interface are you using? Is it Firebird or

What middleware are you using to connect to the client interface?

What language is your application written in?

Does the application start and run for some time before terminating? Does
it successfully connect to the database before terminating?

If you make us guess answers to these and other similar questions it makes
it harder to offer meaningful help.