Subject Re: [firebird-support] RC8 computed fields in trigger problem
Author Daniel Rail

At January 8, 2004, 07:11, Helmut Steinberger wrote:

> Has there something been changed in FB1.5 RC8 regarding the use of
> computed fields in triggers?

> I have a table with a computed field, which depents on other fields of
> this table. The fields, used to compute the computed field are set in
> the before insert trigger of the table. In the after insert trigger,
> the computed field is used, but it is null, allthough the fields where
> it is computed from are correctly set to a value not null in the
> before insert trigger.
> With FB1.5 RC 7 it worked as expected.

> Please tell me what has been changed in RC 8 regarding this. In the
> release notes I could not find anything about it.

I've posted your message on the Firebird-Devel group. And, if you can
create a reproducible test case and send it, it would be greatly
appreciated also.

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