Subject Re: [firebird-support] Emergency!!! I need to recover an Interbase database!
Author Olivier Mascia

On Wed, 07 Jan 2004 19:33:32 +0100,
Salvador Muñoz Hermoso wrote :

> Hi Collegues!
> Please! I need your help!
> I have installed a Interbase Database in version 4 in SCO-UNIX, and I've executed a DELETE * FROM [TABLE] . Is there any way to recover the deleted records? I've seen that the database file .gdb has the same size, so it must have any way to recover the data inside the file.
> Do you know any tool or way to go bak the delete sentence or recover de data?
> Thank you very much to all!

Have you committed the transaction ?
No ? Then rollback your transaction.

You have committed ?
Kill the server process (I mean kill, don't shutdown properly).
And save the db file(s). There might be hope.

In between, restore your last good backup.
You have a backup, don't you ?

Best Regards,
Olivier Mascia