Subject Re: Dot Net Code Samples
Author Muthu Annamalai
Hi Mathew:

Thanks for your info. I visited the site you mentioned. It is very useful.

I have a doubt in the connection string.

Do we really have to use the server name for a embed server connection.

For example the connection string is as follows:

string connectionString =
"User=SYSDBA;" +
"Password=masterkey;" +
"Dialect=3;" +

Here for a embed server, what we have to use in the place of 'Server=localhost'.

I am thinking that the embedd server will not take connection apart from the application itself. So do we have to leave that string ?

Once again thanks for your time and info.

Muthu Annamalai

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From: Matthew Raymer
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I am in the middle of a C# .NET project using Firebird. So far, it has
been pretty much the same as writing a project for MSSQL. Though, it
does have some minor differences.

The best help I know of is to download the .NET Provider (HYPERLINK
""http://sourc from sourceforge.
Carefully pick the correct framework version. You can also download the
documenation for the provider on the same page.

The only example code I have seen so far is used for MONO (open source
NET Framework) and not for .NET, but they are supposed to be


If anybody knows of any others, please tell me!


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