Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird database access from ISAPI dll application
Author Nando Dessena
Helen, Olivier,

>>But isn't the fbembed solution limited to a single exclusive
>>attachment to the DB ?

H> Of course, you are right.

AFAIK Firebird embedded is single-process, not single-attachment. You
can open as many attachments as you wish, provided they all come from the
owning process (which in this case is IIS's isapi host process).

I think the problem here is that the account under which the isapi
application is run (IUSR_something) does not have enough privileges to
open the database file (unless the test wasn't made with fbembed at
all, as Olivier said - which would have taken us back in IPC land with
all the known limitations).

If using more than one attachments with Firebird Embedded is to be
considered insecure I would very much like to know, since I have
developed some server applications that I would like to deploy with
Firebird Embedded.

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