Subject Re: [firebird-support] Array
Author Jonathan Neve

>Olivier Mascia
>>I hope that arrays will never be dropped !!
>>And I'll be a hard activist at protecting them if this idea comes
>>around. :)
>I'm with Olivier on this one, in part because I consider arrays to be a
>useful and distinctive feature - maybe they'll be the next database fad
>- after all Rdb/InterBase introduced the blob to the world. The other
>part is that which says that removing features is dumb and annoys long
>term users. Some time we should make arrays useful from procedures &
>triggers - then they will really take off.
I know that Olivier already alluded to this somewhat, but what would be
a good example of a situation where it would be good to use an array.
I've never used them, because I don't really know anything about them.
But if they could be useful, then they might be worth know a bit better.

Does anyone have a pratical example of a table that uses an array? What
is the advantage of an array over simply a detail table with a foreign
key? What are the Pro and Cons?


Jonathan Neve.

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