Subject Re: [firebird-support] Comma-Separated Values
Author Martijn Tonies

Did you notice you quoted A VERY LARGE message
in order to send this message?

Anyway, with a couple of UDFs you should get a long

An UDF that returns the count of elements and one
with which you can get a certain element, that should
do the trick.

> We have a table in our database that stores values as a
> comma-separated
> list. This idea probably originated from the Delphi TStringList
> object.
> However, since it is bad practice in terms of database design
> principles, we
> have created another table, where each of the values in the
> comma-separated
> list will be a separate record.
> I now have to write a SP to copy data from the old table into
> the new one.
> In the old table, there's just one record that stores the
> comma-separated
> values. In the new table, I have to take out each value in the
> comma-separated list and insert it into a new record.
> Is there any way FB will support this processing, or do I need
> to do it from
> outside FB?

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