Subject Database Security
Author andygarneruk
I posed a question last week, but without seeing any follow up -
maybe the holiday was a bad time to post. So I hope this repost is

I've read a number of posts about securing FB installations, and
reached the conclusion that these are aimed at sysadmins and dbas of
in house managed databases who can restrict access to the FB database
file(s). In short, these posts suggest that anyone with access to
the .gdb/.fdb file can bypass any and all security and access
control mechanisms provided by FB.

So does this mean that there is no mechanism for securing shareware
type applications? In this environment there is little or no facility
for restricting access to the db files.

Shareware authors might like to keep data, and more particularly the
data model implicit in their table and constraint definitions, secure
from end user 'tweaking', or from analysis by competitors.

Are there any techniques or suggestions for securing FB when deployed
on a non-secure server?