Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Connection refused on Server
Author Dan Wilson
If I have understood your problem, you have the following situation:

1. The server was working fine until it was rebooted.
2. Since the reboot, you are unable to connect to port 3050.
3. The server is running the ISA server software as a firewall.

Are you absolutely certain that no configuration changes to the firewall were made before the last reboot? Were any updates or upgrades applied? It sure sounds from everything you have said as if the ISA server is blocking communication attempts on that port (even telnet failed).

Can you shut down the firebird server and enable some other (web?) server to use port 3050 temporarily, then see if you can connect to that?



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On 1/5/2004 at 9:02 PM colincoleman2002 wrote:


As nobody has access to the server and sneaked a Firewall onto the
server i guess that aint the problem, Apart from the fact that the
server is running ISA server (Firewall) and always has beenThe
telnet test failed with

Z:\>telnet 3050
Connecting To not open connection to the host,
on port 3050
: Connect failed

are there any tools to test a connection without Firebird ?

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