Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Connection refused on Server
Author Milan Babuskov
colincoleman2002 wrote:
> Yes this is the main company server and nobody has any problems,
> Except little ol'e me trying to get Firebird to service requests
> over TCP on port 3050.
> Evrything else works all the VPN clints are connecting from outside
> to in, and visa versa, web servers are running 100%, the only thing
> that aint working is remote connections INTO the server on port 3050
> to firebird.

Is there perhaps some firewall in between. It can ban any comunication
on 3050 port without you knowing it. You can try running apache or some
other server on 3050 to check, or by running firebird on some "legal"
port like 80.

> Can I use some "Telnet" type program to try and ask the server if
> firebird is awake and listening.

Yes. It should either refuse the connection or let you in:
telnet host 3050

> If i run netstat -a now it has a line that says
> TCP cbl01:1080 cbl01.cbl.local:0 LISTENING
> TCP cbl01:1745 cbl01.cbl.local:0 LISTENING
> TCP cbl01:3025 cbl01.cbl.local:ldap CLOSE_WAIT
> TCP cbl01:3048 cbl01.cbl.local:ldap ESTABLISHED
> TCP cbl01:3050 cbl01.cbl.local:1025 ESTABLISHED

> This looks like its actually got a connection from someone and is
> running, am i correct?


Milan Babuskov