Subject Re: Connection refused on Server
Author colincoleman2002
If I connect with Ibexperts using a local connection Eg
d:\data\database.gdb it works fine, if i try to connect
using "LOCALHOST" as the server name it fails to connect, the same
as if i connect using the construct MYSERVER:D:\data\database.gdb

As the system has working fine (ON TCP OVER LOCAL NETWORK) for about
4 weeks now, i suspect the answer is NOT one of the following

**Firebird will not work uder windows 2003 serever
**Will not work under ISA server
**Will not work when a Virus protection program is in the building
**Will not work if its raining outside.

I have just run netstat -a and cant see the gds_db line in the file
anymore where it was this morning, but that didnt seem to make any
difference as when it was there it still didnt connect over the TCP

Are there any debugging tools available to trace what maybe
happening ?

--- In, Lester Caine <lester@l...>
> colincoleman2002 wrote:
> > we have a sbs2003 server running firebird 1.03.972, and has been
> >fine till we restarted it over xmas, now when we use IBOdatabase
> >>connection or anything come to that we get connection refused. I
> > am
> >>sure we had this before and just restarted the main server, but
> >>have done this 7 times now warm and cold boot as well, we have
> >>checked the obvious gds_db setting in the services file and it
> > looks
> >>fine, if I use IBExpert to test the connection either on the
> > server
> >>or any client we get the same error stating:-
> >>Failed to connect to host on port gds_db Error Num 10035.
> >>we are running ISA server ,but we always have been and and it
> >>all working before, the only help i can see is from Borland that
> >>says it could be the Mcafee Anti virus , and this must be
> >>uninstalled from the server (VERY BAD IDEA I THINK).
> >
> >>So does anyone know how to actually track down this problem and
> First - Is firebird actually running?
> (ibserver.exe in process list )
> Second - What happens if you just connect using IBExpert
> without a host name?
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