Subject Re: Full-text Search Support
Author dcabbar
Could you please point out any commercial tools that you can recommend?

Thanks again...

--- In, Aage Johansen <aagjohan@o...>
> On Wed, 31 Dec 2003 11:52:48 +0000 (UTC), dcabbar wrote:
> > Actually, what I really want is the full-text search portion, and
> > fuzzy match is just the part of it. i.e. searching for a specified
> > word in a varchar column. And, as you know using "like %word%" is
> > pretty expensive.
> > So, is there at least any add-on that is available? Any
> > ideas/comments/experience on this?
> There are commercial tools for this. Also, if you are using IBO you
> use the facilities there (available as a separate component set). Text
> search has been discussed on these NG's, and not long ago someone
said he
> might consider making his solution available (commercial, I believe).
> Sometime in 2002, Art Metz wrote a paper on his experiences,
concluding with
> <<
> I suspect that the combination of Rubicon, the TIBO* components, and
> InterBase would work fine for a text database with relatively
> changes (say, one insert per second). This is a very common
scenario, as
> exemplified by Web searches on Yahoo and databases of newsgroup
> archives. In these circumstances, Rubicon is an easy way to get
> search capabilities to work quickly.
> However, in my project, the combination failed completely. I spent
> workdays trying to get anything to work. Even then it worked badly
and the
> overhead was unacceptable. In contrast, the home-grown search
> took only one day to implement and works fine.
> >>
> YMMV ...
> It would be great if some "word indexing feature" were included in
> Firebird. A similar feature in dbISAM seems to work fine, and takes
> of the tedium out of the work.
> I'm using a homegrown system in an Fb database, but it took some
work to
> get it going. I don't really like to do much programming parsing
> etc. in char/varchar/blob in SP's and are therefore doing some of
the work
> on the client. This doesn't make for very snappy response over slow
> connections (e.g. Internet).
> --
> Aage J.